Universal Design Kitchen Cabinets

Welcome to an Accessible World

Introducing the AUTO-CAB, your solution for aging in place and cabinet accessibility. This universal design cabinet is the perfect remodel solution to replace your upper kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, garage cabinets or other storage cabinets that you may be unable to reach.

If you have a physical challenge, disablility or handicap or are concerned that you may become disabled as you grow older, the AUTO-CAB provides the freedom that you need. You can continue to cook, work and live in your home the way that you always have without the need for potentially dangerous step stools or difficult-to-use grabber arms.

The AUTO-CAB was designed by a master custom cabinet maker and will blend in beautifully with almost any room design - even with existing non-accessible cabinets.

Watch the AUTO-CAB in action.

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